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Shoresy Quotes and Saying

  • “We got a different team now.” — Shoresy
  • “I’ve had about enough from the Clearasil kid.” — Shoresy
  • “All you useless guys, blocking shots.” — Shoresy
  • “So now I don’t say what’s on the card?” — Shoresy
  • “This team will never lose again.” — Shoresy

Shoresy Quotes & Saying

  • “Keep working hard, Corey. You can be just like me.” — Shoresy
  • “The bulldogs are going to compete. So if you want to see the new bulldogs, get your bums in a seat.” — Shoresy
  • “So your sweetie finally comes to the game, and you barely play. Is that more awkward than puberty, or is it pretty close?” — Shoresy
  • “Are you even f*cking trying? You can try, eh.” — Shoresy
  • “Someone stole my breakfast sando. Looks like it was you.” — Shoresy
  • “Fight me, see what happens.” — Shoresy
  • “Great day for competitive men’s hockey, eh.” — Shoresy
  • “And Gretz’s daughter’s a married woman, your classless piece of sh*t.” — Shoresy
  • “Hey, what’s your favorite kind of pizza, cuteness?” — Shoresy
  • “Hey, you look like that broad from The Hunger Games. I’m gonna call you Cuteness Everdeen.” — Shoresy
  • “You’re made of spare parts, aren’t you, bud?” — Shoresy
  • “What’s women’s hockey like? Same thing, less competitive or what?” — Shoresy
  • “Good shift, cuteness. Oh! We should change our Facebook status to ‘It’s complicated.’” — Shoresy
  • “I see the muscle shirt came today. Muscles coming tomorrow?” — Shoresy

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